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ArtePraia’s main contribution is to create possible encounters between people and contemporary art through the use of sites that are not legitimate spaces to Make Art and Appreciate Art. It bets that at the beach, people can self-provoke situations that are more reflexive than those they experience in places like an exposition room or a museum. At the beach, people are relaxed, and they can approach the Works of Art without prejudice.

The actions of ArtePraia’s third edition include interventions of invited artists, publications, dialogs and registries in photo and video. This edition of the project is presented by the Brazilian Federal Government’s Ministry of Culture and is sponsored by Banco Itaú through the Rouanet Law of Incentive for Culture and the Cultural Support by Itaú Cultural. ArtePraia is a project of Casa da Ribeira.

In addition to the original interventions, seven works previously performed in other editions of ArtePraia were invited to be part of the program through the Ministry of Culture’s and Federal Government’s Cultural Competition 2014.

Artists and articles


Coletivo Indigestão/ Caldo de Carne (MG)

With an anthropophagic proposal, the collective host a happening at Praia do Meio beach. Bathers and curious by-standers will be invited to cool off in a giant plastic pool, which will be transformed into a large broth of people when the collective starts to add ingredients, seasonings and condiments to the cauldron, while music rocks this seafront kitchen.

Where: Meio beach Dates: june, 20, 21 and 22

Coletivo Praias do Capibaribe/ Rizoma (PE)

The collective proposes playfulness on the waters of Potengi River in a plastic inflatable bubble in which people can enter and experience the river landscape through a different point of view. The photographic register of this action will be shown at Redinha’s Beach in an integrated area to stimulate conversations about environmental consciousness and to activate the relationships between people and place.

Where: Redinha beach Dates: june, 13, 14 and 15

Glayson Arcanjo/ ParAmar (GO)

The ParAmar project uses the surface of the beach as a big notebook under the sky. To perform this intervention the artist will collect information about the people and the sea, and create phrases/poetry that place at the public’s disposal to fill with sand four sizes of alphabet shapes, and create new words on the beachfront, as child’s play with sand buckets.

Where: Ponta Negra, Forte and Redinha beaches Dates: june, 20, 21 and 22

Guga Ferraz/ Volta para o mar Oferenda (RJ)

The artist will build on the beach a slide with bags of sand and canvas. The idea is to provide a sliding landscape, to provoke physical contact between the work of art and the general public, to stimulate reflections regarding the object as a work of art, and to create affective relations with the beach to escape from the day-to-day objectivity.

Where: Ponta Negra beach Dates: june, 13, 14 and 15

Igor Vidor/ dois por dois (RJ)

The artist will create with beach sand a pair of square swimming pools (2x2) in low and high. The pools will be filled with sea water and will be open for swimming. The high relief pool will be built with the sand removed from the low relief pool and set by its side, causing a landscape alteration and possibly estrangement due to the exact shape of the work of art.

Where: Forte beach Dates: june, 20, 21 and 22

Joelson Bugila/ Plantação da Forma do Vento (SC)

A plantation of 1350 foam pool noodles (colored floating devices) will be “planted” on the sandy beach, and, like a sugarcane plantation of shapes, colors and movements, the appreciative audience will have the liberty to walk through the corridors formed purposely among the work of art and to interact with the objects.

Where: Forte beach Dates: june, 13, 14 and 15



Fernando Limberger (SP)

Palheta Complementar, ephemeral work created specifically to be mounted on the Forte Beach, in Natal, establishes a direct relationship with the environment of that place. During the period of approximately 12 hours, between high and low tides, three colored circles 10m in diameter will be drawn on the beach in a triangular order. The work will suffer alterations imposed by the environment, due to natural phenomena, such as wind and sea, as well as by the people who enjoy the space.

Where: Forte beach Dates: June, 15

Chrys Silva/ compre seu Espaço na Praia (RN)

With a loudspeaker the artist will sell spaces in the beach sand for R$ 0.50. When the proposal is accepted, the buyer lay down on the sand leaving the body contour. The artist reinforces these limits with nontoxic gouache paint. When the work is finished a plaque will be installed with the owner’s name. The ephemeral contract will have the exact time of the advance of the sea over the purchased land.

Where: Traveling between the beaches of Meio and Forte. Dates: June, 20, 21 and 22

Coletivo Lamparina/ Inviabilidades (RN)

The collective will build impracticable access: stairs and ramps made of sand. The objects will get, in the end, shapes really close to the real objects that should be there to facilitate the access. Some pedestrians may try to use the sand objects in their possible impracticable ways.

Where: Ponta Negra beach Dates: june, 13, 14 e 15

Coletivo LATE / #morrodocareca (RN, PB e DF)

The collective will make an intervention with a twitter interface projection in the Morro do Careca, a city postcard, that ten years ago was closed for climbing. People can use the social network platform to project messages and images on the hill with the use of #morrodocareca. Still, with the use of an algorithmic composition, sounds will be produced activated by this interaction.

Where: Ponta Negra beach Dates: june, 13, 14 and 15

Jean Sartief/ Mensagem pra você (RN)

Bottles with messages thrown into the sea, frequent images of our imaginary. The artist uses this imagery, but this time as a device to exchange messages through papers inside the bottles disposed on the beach sand. Long pathways will be elaborated with one hundred bottles.

Where: Redinha beach Dates: june, 20, 21 and 22

Rita Machado/ Entrelinhas e peixes (RN)

The stories from Ponta Negra beach will be revealed as a child’s play in a fishery with little fish with magnetic sensors that will be placed on the beach sand. When fished, these little fish, made with recycled material, will allow the audience to listen to a fisherman story.

Where: Ponta Negra beach Dates: june, 20, 21 and 22

Sofia Bauchwitz/ Ventemos (RN)

Fabrics tied to the body. Bodies connected with the wind. Body in the landscape. Landscape creations with the body. Bodies that will form its own space in a possible “new” landscape.

Where: Ponta Negra and Meio beaches Dates: june, 13, 14 and 15


Beaches/Dates 14
Meio Sofia Bauchwitz (Ventemos)
Ponta Negra

GugaFerraz( Voltapara o Mar Oferenda)

Coletivo LATE (#morrodocareca)

ColetivoLamparina (Inviabilidades)

Forte JoelsonBugila (Plantação da forma do vento)
Redinha ColetivoPraias do Capibaribe (ProjetoRizoma)
Beaches/Dates 21

ColetivoIndigestão (Caldo de Carne)

Chrys Silva (compreseuEspaçona Praia)

Ponta Negra

Rita Machado (Entrelinhas e Peixes)

Forte Igor Vidor (doispordois)

Jean Sartief (Mensagempravocê)

GlaysonArcanjo (ParAmar)




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